Private Label Accounts Orientation

Thank you for getting your private label WordPress plugins from us. On this page, you will find several video tutorials to help you get your WordPress business or side gig started quickly.

We recommend watching these videos as they are arranged but if you already know your way around, you can certainly skip to the video you are most interested in.

Step 1: Familiarize Yourself With Your Account

Learn where to find your plugin orders, order history and key portions of your profile to make re-branding your plugin easier.

[tbp_megrd_video bucket=”pluginmill” public=”1″ file=”vids/Account-orientation-PLR.mp4″]

Step 2: Private Label Ideas

Don’t know what to do with your purchased plugins? Watch this video for some quick ideas.

[tbp_megrd_video bucket=”pluginmill” public=”1″ file=”vids/private-label-ideas.mp4″]

Step 3: How To Brand Your Plugin

[tbp_megrd_video bucket=”pluginmill” public=”1″ file=”vids/Branding-your-plugin.mp4″]

Step 4: How To Translate Your Plugin (Optional)

If you are translating a plugin, watch how we do it.

[tbp_megrd_video bucket=”pluginmill” public=”1″ file=”vids/translate-your-plugin.mp4″]

Step 5: How To Put Your Plugin Up For Sale In Under 15 Minutes

Want a quick return? This video shows you how to get selling quickly with the tools we have provided you.

[tbp_megrd_video bucket=”pluginmill” public=”1″ file=”vids/quick-sale.mp4″]

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