How To Add and Deliver Automatic Updates

Please watch these videos before attempting to offer automatic updates. A few things you must be aware going forward.

  1. Up until now, all the plugins did not include the coding necessary for automatic updates. This means automatic updates won’t begin to work without action on your part.
  2. To start making your previous plugins automatic update ready, you must re-download the automatic update ready versions and deliver them to your customers manually as you normally do. The good news is, this would be the last time you will ask your customers to manually update their plugins.
  3. Automatic updates don’t originate from our site, but yours. Every time we send you a new update, you still need to visit your account here, to re-download the new versions and upload to your host. In short, our update to you – not automatic. Your update to your customers – automatic, provided you follow the directions below.
  4. Not all plugins are automatic update ready. We will post the converted plugins in your account Dashboard when we convert them and have them ready for you.

Let’s get started.

Step 1: Do This First

You must do this step first:

  • For new plugins,
  • If this is the first time you are delivering a plugin
  • When converting non-automatic ready plugins to automatic ready

[tbp_megrd_video bucket=”pluginmill” file=”vids/new-preparing-older-plugins.mp4″ poster=””]

Step 2: Do This When A New Update Is Available

You will only do this after delivering an automatic ready plugin to your customers, and going forward.

[tbp_megrd_video bucket=”pluginmill” file=”vids/delivering-subsequent-updates.mp4″ poster=””]

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