From Setup to Success: Master aMember Pro And Unlock Its Full Potential With Ease

Designed for beginners and seasoned users alike, Member Skills demystifies aMember Pro with easy-to-follow bite-sized videos to take you from zero to selling in no time.

Overwhelmed By The Complexity of aMember?

Maybe you’ve started on your own but feel hopelessly lost. Maybe you’re new and want to setup aMember right from the start. I’ve been exactly where you are. That’s why Member Skills exists.

aMember offers a full suite of features for selling digital products, memberships, services, and even software. It includes an affiliate program, robust content protection, and even a dedicated help desk, providing you a complete package that’s more budget-friendly compared to other options in the market. Plus, since it’s hosted on your own servers, you are always in control of your data.

This powerful tool has great potential to grow with your business, some users find its complexity challenging. Member Skills is designed to help you navigate them, ensuring you can set up your system quickly, and make the best of aMember’s extensive capabilities.

What Makes Member Skills Unique?

Member Skills was designed with digital entrepreneurs just like you in mind. From the very start, our (Kelly McCausey’s and my) aim is to make it easy for you to quickly establish a system that can manage a diverse range of digital products, allowing you to begin selling sooner. Plus, we’ve made sure you can get your affiliate program up and running right away, so your fans can start promoting you from day one.

Straight To The Point

Your time is valuable. Every lesson is designed to get right to the point. No rambling, no chit-chat so you hit the ground running.

Bite-sized Lessons

Each lesson is purposefully created to be short and easy-to-consume, allowing you to quickly grasp essential information during your free moments throughout the day.

Easily Zoom In To What You Need

Ever tried to look for that one piece of information in an hour long video? It’s a nightmare! Not here. My highly focused lessons let’s you zoom in to exactly what you need every time.


We’ve cover everything you need to get started, and every piece you could use to boost sales, create an amazing experience for your customers, make things easy for you and more.

Premium Add-On

We’re marketers. Increasing sales and conversions is important to us. That’s why we included a premium add-on we developed and use ourselves, free!


If you’re ever stuck, face an unexpected issue or have any questions, our helpful community is always available. Search for similar problems others encountered, ask your own questions, or help someone out.

I’m Lynette Chandler

I’m a self-taught developer and marketer, and I’ve been using aMember to run several six-figure businesses since 2004. I’ve watched aMember grow from its early days, for over 20 years now! I’m very familiar with aMember and excited to share my knowledge with you.

Choose What Fits Your Budget And Needs

Member Skills comes in 3 parts that you can purchase individually. Already familiar with aMember but want to become a pro and make the best use of aMember? Part three is for you. Beginner? Part one is the key. Looking for the best value? You’ll absolutely want all-access.


Part 1

For the Brand New aMember Users – or those who want to make sure they’ve got everything running as smooth as possible.

Getting Set Up
Setting Up An Individual Product
Setting Up A Membership
Setting Up Your Affiliate Program
Connecting To Your Aweber Newsletters
Using Shopping Cart Features
Everything To Go From Zero To Selling


Part 2

For Intermediate Users – or those who want to properly brand all areas of their shopping cart/members area.

Customizing aMember Design
Setting Up A ‘Drip Feed’ Fixed Term Membership Program.
Creating Customized Ad Space
Create Your Own Community By Hooking Up A Forum


Part 3

For power users – Go beyond the technical setup. This is for you if you want to get people buying from you again and again.

Powerful cross selling and upselling.
One time offers to boost your average order value.
Creating offers for specific customers or groups of customers.
Power pickup page moves to earn more on the backend



Best value – Get all three parts for one low payment. Plus – the bonus tips and tricks module not found anywhere else.

Included – Parts 1, 2, and 3.
Bonus tips and tricks module.
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