Frequently Asked Questions

About SellPLRPlugins Re-branding

Have my logins changed?

Nope. They stay the same. The URL has changed though. You’d now go to

Did you sell the business?

Nope. We’re the same people. Just a name change to better fit the direction we want to go.

What’s new?

Glad you asked! The website design of course is the biggest change you will see. Beyond that, we’ve also made it easier for you to Re-brand and download the latest versions of the plugin.

Re-brand Tool

Before, to re-brand the plugin to your name, you had to download it and manually edit one of the plugin files. Though the process is very simple, you could also easily make mistakes that would break the plugin. Now, all you do is fill in a form and our system will package up the plugin with your name on it.

Separate Downloads

We asked if you would prefer to have your selling tools and plugin in two separate downloads. This makes it easier for you to grab updated plugins without downloading the entire package all over. Your answer was a resounding yes and we listened.

What about my affiliate links?

Great news! Your affiliate links continue to re-direct and track. There’s no immediate need to do anything on your part. However, if you’re updating your links, we highly recommend that you do update them to Plugin Mill because we might retire the SellPLRPLugins domain name after some time. Don’t worry. This is not something we plan to do in a few short months. We will let you know when we do, but we want you to be prepared ahead of time.

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