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Want To Sell A Product That 30% Of The Internet Uses?

If you have a website or ever looked into creating one, you’ve heard about WordPress. Chances are, you’re using a WordPress site yourself. But did you know how many websites it actually powers?

WordPress’s current marketshare of all sites online is about 30%. A third of all the websites you’ve ever been to are run on WordPress! But even more important. New WordPress sites are launched every single day.

But that’s not all. When it comes to eCommerce sites, WordPress with WooCommerce tops the list too at 11% of all eCommerce stores. Yes, bigger than Shopify. Bigger than Magento or any other system.

So consider for a moment…

What Would All Those WordPress Powered Sites Need?

Each one of those have pros and cons as a business. But the one with a high perceived value is…


Good plugins aren’t always easy to find. However, once they find a plugin that does what they want it to do and works well, people will always pay good money year after year for it.

The trouble is, plugins are also difficult to build if you don’t know how to code or how to find and manage a good developer. That’s why I’ve done all the hard work for you.

I’ve created a plugin you can sell to your existing customers, or anyone using WooCommerce for that matter. And the best thing is…

You Get To Keep All The Money!

The PM Your Order plugin is exactly what your customers need to deliver their order status directly to Facebook Messenger. Why Messenger?

Because their email is overflowing with spam and irrelevant messages. This means their order confirmation gets buried or worse, never makes it to through and your customers get blamed for slow order processing.

Also, as mobile devices overtake computers in numbers and hours spent on them, communication via instant messengers have exploded over the last few years. In fact, globally, more instant messengers are sent than text. Messaging is fast becoming the main way people communicate and get their notifications.

Instant messages also get viewed and responded to faster. By notifying people of their order status over Messenger, a store is able to cut through the noise and provide up to date information to their customers fast.

Let me demonstrate how the plugin works. Watch this video.

Wouldn’t that make customers happy? Wouldn’t your customers want to have something like this on their stores? The answer is yes, and YES!

Good News!

Because You Are Friends of Tracy & Susanne…

I have developed a special deal exclusively for you. Normally, the PM My Order plugin with private label license costs $147/year. For you, it’ll be only $67/year.

Get The Plugin

What About Updates & Support?

Good question! I’m so glad you asked. We know that updates and support is most critical to any plugin business. So how about this?

How about we provide you with exactly what to say to your customers when they need help? Simply copy and paste their questions to you. We’ll tell you how to answer and you send that answer back to your customers. It’s so easy you can even outsource this part completely so it’ll be hands free for you.

And… how about we provide you with any and all updates so your customers won’t end up with a broken, unsupported plugin?

For as long as you keep the subscription to the plugin alive, we’ll continue providing you with updates and customer support.

Let Us Make It Even Easier

We even provide you with a fully illustrated user guide you can deliver to your customers. As if that isn’t enough. We’ll provide demo videos to use on your sites. Plus, sales copy for your sales pages so you don’t even have to write it and can start selling it right away.

Don’t Wait! Get Your Private Label License NOW!

Download The Plugin

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