Personal Use

Instant access to ALL our plugins for personal use.
$97.00 for each year
LeadFrog (Personal Use)
With this plugin, you can grab the attention of your visitors by adding a customizable side stripe pop-in
ScrollPop (Personal Use)
ScrollPop is a lightweight, fully customizable popup that appears only as a reader nears the end of your post, allowing you to capture her attention at the perfect time. Learn more...
Snap Pages (Personal Use)
Create simple, yet effective sales and opt-in pages in just minutes, using the familiar tools you already know and use every day. Learn more...
Media Guard (Personal Use)
Embed your Amazon S3 protected media and also allows you to seamlessly brand your player by customizing it with built in themes, color options and images.
Aloha (Personal Use)
Grab your visitor's attention by creating customizable full-popup on any page of your site.
$27.00 for one year
Classic Popup (Personal Use)
Adds an popover subscription box to your pages and posts
ExitPop (Personal Use)
Convince visitors to check out an offer or opt-in one last time before the leave. Use ExitPop to create exit popups fast.
$47.00 for one year
Font Mania (Personal Use)
Make it easier for your visitors to consume the content they already love from you. Break up the wall of text with some fun fonts or set the tone by highlighting key text with a different font and design.
Gulp (Personal Use)
Save time by batching your work. Bulk upload your articles and schedule them to deliver at intervals of your choosing to keep your blog fresh on auto pilot.
$47.00 for one year
Jazzy Lead Forms (Personal Use)
Create and customize opt-in forms to suit your site. No more using forms that look like everyone else's.
Localize (Personal Use)
Deliver relevant, custom content based on visitor location. Click to learn more
Popular Authors (Personal Use)
Let readers vote on the content they like best. Click to learn more...
Promo Bar (Personal Use)
Promote anything with a tasteful, unobtrusive notification bar. Click to learn more...
Return Visitor (Personal Use)
Engage returning visitors and special visitors with exclusive content and offers Click to learn more...
ShareWall (Personal Use)
Gain social media traction rewarding those who share with a special gift. Click to learn more...
Simple Appointments (Personal Use)
Fill your calendar without email ping-pong. Let people book an appointment with you and pay all from one spot. Click to learn more...
Starters (Personal Use)
Write compelling titles, entries and call to actions with the help of these starter snippets. Click to learn more...
Team Notifier (Personal Use)
Improve your team's work flow. Notify members whenever a post is ready for their brilliance. Click to learn more...
Timely Content (Personal Use)
Always show visitors current promotions. Automatically publish or remove content snippets. Click to learn more...
$23.50 for one year
Kindle Loader (Personal Use)
Let people send your documents directly to their Kindles to read later. Click to learn more...
Engage (Personal Use)
Build a more targeted interested list by engaging your audience first using simple polls and questionnaires.
$47.00 for one year
1 year's access to all personal use plugins with developer license
$147.00 for each year
2StepOptin (Personal Use)
With this easy-to-use WordPress plugin, you can create a wide variety of eye-catching 2-step optin forms. You can even use them for ads and promotions without the opt-in.
$47.00 for one year
Comment Optin (Personal Use)
Grow your list while engaging your readers. Allow readers to subscribe when they leave a comment.
Snazzy Press (Personal Use)
Dress up your content with feature boxes, icon bullets, pull quotes and buttons. Click for details...
Includes 1 year free premium support + updates.
$47.00 for one year
Easy aMember Cart (Personal Use)
Quickly and easily insert customized Add to Cart buttons in your posts or pages right from the WordPress Editor.
Pixel Wonder (Personal Use)
Find, edit, and add photos to your content all inside WordPress.
DupeChecker (Personal Use)
You've already made blogging easy with private label content. Now make that content unique to you with DupeChecker
Expire Page (Personal Use)
Don't lose your visitors after a page is no longer relevant. Expire and redirect your traffic instead of deleting. Set pages or posts to automatically expire after an offer is no longer available and so many more uses.
Footer Promo (Personal Use)
Capture leads or promote an offer with this tasteful panel that stays at the bottom of the screen.
Image PopUp (Personal Use)
Create gorgeous popups with images that aren't limited by HTML or rectangular shapes.
Load DocX (Personal Use)
No more copying and pasting content. Mass import your DocX content and images directly into WordPress. Click to learn more
$47.00 for one year
Neat Icons (Personal Use)
Make your content clearer and more fun with icons. Click to learn more...
$47.00 for one year
Progress Checklist (Personal Use)
Help visitors or teams accomplish goals and make progress. Click to learn more...
Reel Ads (Personal Use)
Monetize any Youtube video with just-in-time call to actions. Click to learn more...
Send2Cloud (Personal Use)
Make saving your content for offline viewing easier. Let visitors send them do their Dropbox. Click to learn more...
ShareOnHighlight (Personal Use)
Get more shares on your content. Invite readers to share highlighted content of their own choosing. Click to learn more...
Simple Redirects (Personal Use)
Create, track and manage redirects and easily add them to your content. Click to learn more...
Suggest It (Personal Use)
Give people exactly what they want by collecting their suggestions and let the crowd decide. Click to learn more...
Timed Widgets (Personal Use)
Keep your widget areas fresh. Automatically publish or remove widget content by date. Click to learn more...
$47.00 for one year
Viral Quiz (Personal Use)
Get more traction with your free content. Create compelling quizzes that people love to take and share. Click to learn more...
Quoteable (Personal Use)
Encourage sharing of your content with easy click to share quote buttons. Click to learn more...


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