What happens when a new visitor gets to the end of your blog post?

Ideally, of course, you want her to read more of you articles, subscribe to your mailing list, click an ad, or maybe just leave a comment. But more often than not, what she actually does is leave.

Sure, you’ve got all kinds of enticing stuff lined up, and it’s all designed to grab her attention and compel her to take action.

But just like with sidebar ads, we’re becoming blind to the array of options that appear at the end of blog posts. Or worse, there’s so much going on that we can’t make a decision and we simply click away.

Announcing PopOnScroll

PopOnScroll is a lightweight, fully customizable popup that appears only as a reader nears the end of your post, allowing you to capture her attention at the perfect time.

Because it scrolls in from the right, it’s unobtrusive as well, and won’t blog important text on your post. Not only that, but since it’s fully customizable, you can create any type of content in any format. In short, you can give your readers exactly what they’re looking for!

PopOnScroll Plugin lets you…

  • Create an unlimited number of pop-up ads
  • Set default behaviors for each ad, but easily override them on an ad-by-ad basis
  • Change the border style and color of your ad with the click of your mouse
  • Change the background color, add images, and even clickable links with the familiar WordPress post editing screen
  • Automatically add “Next Post” links to any PopOnScroll ad
  • Set custom cookie duration so visitors don’t see the same ad again and again
  • Set different default ads for posts, pages, and even archive pages
  • Set custom ads on specific posts and pages for maximum effectiveness
  • Embed images, links, and even video in your ads
  • Create a custom ad just for your home page
  • Choose from three border style and endless colors – so you can create an ad that blends with your theme…or not!
  • Set the width of your ad borders, or eliminate some or all of them for a clean, sophisticated look
  • Easily override the default settings so every ad is unique
  • Use all the formatting tools WordPress provides to create exactly the look you want

It really couldn’t be easier to create attention-grabbing ads that appear just at the right time.

Included Seller Tools

  • Fully formatted HTML sales letter
  • Fully formatted HTML thank you page
  • PopOnScroll¬†plugin for WordPress
  • Installation and usage guide (DOC and PDF)
  • Box shot graphics (JPG and PSD)
  • User Guide Graphics (JPG and PSD)

Usage Ideas For Quick ROI

  1. Add to your paid membership site as a member’s only perk
  2. Offer as a bonus for customers
  3. Offer as a bonus for customers buying from your affiliate link
  4. Give it to your paid coaching clients
  5. Use on your own sites
  6. Add value to your WordPress design services by including the plugin in your package
  7. Hire a programmer and have them improve your plugin by adding other PLR content to it


  • Private Label

Technical Information

Current version: 1.0.5

Requirements: WordPress 3.9 and up