Force Password Update

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Good security starts with your users,  but sadly, many simply aren’t aware they may be  putting YOUR site at risk….You hear it every day. Another site has been hacked. Twitter, Zendesk, even new outlets fall victim every single day. What you don’t hear about – unless you’re in the security business – are the hundreds or even thousands of WordPress sites that are hacked every month. The damage can range from mildly irritating to catastrophic.

It’s not really the fault of WordPress, or even that of your host. The fact is, armies of malicious hacker bots are out there even as you read this, repeatedly trying to log into unprotected sites – even yours.

And the number one cause? Weak or outdated passwords.

And that is where Force Password Update Plug-in comes in. It’s a fully configurable plugin that helps keep your site secure by forcing users to update their WordPress passwords.

Here’s how it works:

  • Easy installation – simply upload the file to your site and activate
  • Simple configuration screen – gives you total control over the user experience
  • The ability to set your own expiration period based on the level of risk you feel is acceptable
  • Customizable message to users when you first install the plugin – so they’re not confused by the sudden change
  • Customizable message to users when they are forced to update their password – so they know exactly why they’re being asked to update
  • The option to give administrators a pass by not forcing them to update
  • An additional field in the user profile so you can tell at a glance how old your users’ passwords really are
  • Multi-site license – use it on every site you own.

And nothing more for you to do – ever. Because once you install and activate this plugin, your users will be automatically prompted to update their passwords on the schedule that YOU control. It continues to work quietly in the background, helping to keep your site secure, for as long as you leave it activated.  Best of all, users won’t be inconvenienced at all, since the plugin uses WordPress’s built-in password update system.

Included Seller Tools

  • Fully formatted HTML sales letter
  • Fully formatted HTML thank you page
  • Force Password Update plugin for WordPress
  • Installation and usage guide (DOC and PDF)
  • Box shot graphics (JPG and PSD)

Usage Ideas For Quick ROI

  1. Add to your paid membership site as a member’s only perk
  2. Offer as a bonus for customers
  3. Offer as a bonus for customers buying from your affiliate link
  4. Give it to your paid coaching clients
  5. Use on your own sites
  6. Add value to your WordPress design services by including the plugin in your package
  7. Hire a programmer and have them improve your plugin by adding other PLR content to it


  • Private Label

Technical Information

Current version: 1.2.1

Requirements: WordPress 3.9 and up